Information for Major Teams

​everything you need to know to take part in the German Open

​The RoboCup Committee Germany is very happy being able to announce the first central German Open since the pandemic, including many Major leagues as well as the final event of the best German Junior teams. The German Open was organized in a decentralized manner in 2023, 2022, 2021, while the last central RoboCup German Open was held in 2019. 

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​Further information in the CfP

​General information 
about the German Open


Major Competitions:
April 17: Major teams setup (registered teams, no spectators)
April 18-20: Major teams competitions
April 20: Major finals

- 8:00am Entry for teams
- 9:00am Entry for ​spectators

The major finals take place on Saturday, April 20, to avoid a conflict for important event sponsors, due to the Hannover fair in the following week, where they use Sunday, April 21, as the main media rollout for Hannover fair activities. On April 21 the Junior finals will take place.

​​​RoboCup Leagues in contest
​The RoboCup Major Leagues of the event are open to participants worldwide:

League Chairs
​All league chairs have many years of experience in the respective RoboCup league and also as league chairs of previous German Opens:

Participation Fees
​Payment is made by invoice

​Transportation information

No contingent of hotels has been blocked. There are plenty of hotels available in Kassel. Please make your own arrangements for an early booking.