RoboCupSoccer – Small Size League

The tournament is split into a group phase and an elimination phase. There is only one group with four teams, each playing against each other team. All teams proceed to the elimination phase with half final, small final and grand final.


Group Phase

TIGERs Mannheim vs. TritonsThursday, 11:00
Immortals vs. ER-ForceThursday, 13:00
TIGERs Mannheim vs. ImmortalsThursday, 16:00
Tritons vs. ER-ForceThursday, 17:30
TIGERs Mannheim vs. ER-ForceFriday, 11:30
Tritons vs. ImmortalsFriday, 13:30

Elimination Phase

Semi Final 1Friday, 16:00
Semi Final 2Friday, 17:30
Small FinalSaturday, 12:30
Grand FinalSaturday, 14:00


Group PhaseTIGERs Mannheim vs. Tritons10 : 0 (forced forfeit)
Group PhaseImmortals vs. ER-Force1 : 0
Group PhaseTIGERs Mannheim vs. Immortals10 : 0
Group PhaseTritons vs. ER-Force0 : 10 (forced forfeit)
Group PhaseTIGERs Mannheim vs. ER-Force10 : 0
Group PhaseTritons vs. Immortals0 : 10 (forced forfeit)
Elimination PhaseImmortals vs. ER-Force3 : 0
Elimination PhaseTIGERs Mannheim vs. Tritons10 : 0 (forced forfeit)
Grand FinalTIGERs Mannheim vs. Immortals10 : 0