Major - @Home

​The @Home League was started back in 2006 with the aim of supporting and relieving people in their home environment with the help of service robots. This topic is becoming increasingly important due to demographic change. The @Home League robots tackle everyday household challenges, from taking verbal drink orders to delivering them to the right place. These robots must understand, recognize and follow humans as they navigate through a series of objects.

@Home League

RoboCup -Major Leagues

​In this league, service and assistance robot technologies with high relevance for future private household applications, e.g. to support older people, are being developed.
This is the largest international competition for autonomous service robots.

The robots' capabilities and performance are evaluated through a series of benchmark tests in a realistic, non-standard home environment.

Key areas of focus include human-robot interaction and cooperation, navigation and mapping in dynamic environments, computer vision and object recognition under natural lighting conditions, object manipulation, adaptive behavior, behavioral integration, environmental intelligence, standardization and system integration.

There are 3 common branches of @Home: the Open Platform League, with different service robots with the corresponding rules, as well as the Domestic Standard Platform and the Social Standard Platform Leagues, each with different robot platforms and different application and research focuses.