​RoboCup Major Leagues

​The Major Leagues are the RoboCup leagues for the researchers,scientists and students. The leagues are assigned to the four categories RoboCupSoccer, RoboCupRescue, RoboCup@Home and RoboCupIndustrial.

​RoboCup Soccer

RoboCup -Major Leagues

​Humanoid League (HL)

​Robots designed by the teams themselves with a human-like body shape and human-like sensors play in three size classes: KidSize, TeenSize and AdultSize. Maintaining balance when moving and shooting is one of the main problems.

RoboCup -Major Leagues

​Standard-Plattform (SPL)

​All teams play with the humanoid Nao robots from the French company Aldebaran, so this league is a pure software competition. The robots are equipped with two cameras and ultrasonic distance sensors. The competition offers new teams a (somewhat) easier entry into RoboCup.

RoboCup -Major Leagues

​Middle Size (MSL)

​In this league, up to six fully autonomous robots per team play on a 24x18m field. The robots are mostly equipped with omnidirectional landing gear and omnidirectional vision systems. There are special kicking mechanisms that can also kick the ball high.

RoboCup -Major Leagues

​Small Size (SSL)

​Robots with a diameter of 18 cm play in this league. A camera is mounted above the playing field to capture the game situation. The control and team coordination are also outsourced to an external PC. The robots are fast and pass the ball with high speed to their teammates.

RoboCup -Major Leagues


​The robots and the playing field are simulated so that the teams can fully concentrate on software development. In a 2D simulation, 11 play against 11 simple software agents. In the 3D simulation, the complex Nao robots are used, whose joints have to be controlled.